Our resource section is a collection of articles, flowcharts, and video clips to educate and empower you to solve most common wildlife conflicts, as well as to determine whether an animal you have found needs help, and if so, how to rescue it.


BABY – I Found a Baby Bird – Now What? View
BABY/ADULT – On the Ground/Hitting – View Clip
BIRD (General) – Feathered Frustration – View Clip
CROW – Solving Problems with Crows – View
DUCK – Solving Urban Duck Problems – View
PIGEON – Solving Problems with Pigeons – View
WOODPECKER – Solving Problems with Woodpeckers – View


ARMADILLO – Armadillo Facts – View
ARMADILLO – Armadillo Pests – View
BABY – I Found a Baby Mammal – Now What? – View
BAT – Bats in your Belfry?- View
BAT – Don’t Touch That! – View
BATS – Additional Information – View
BEAR – Living with Black Bears – View
BEAVER – Solving Problems with Beavers – View
BEAVER – Wetlands and Wildlife Home Page – View
COYOTE – Bear-ly Room [Urban Crowding]  – View
COYOTE – Coyotes in Our Midst, by Camilla H. Fox and Christopher M. Papouchis – View
COYOTE – HSUS Coyote Page – View
COYOTE – HSUS – Hazing Guidelines – View
COYOTE – HSUS – Preventing Conflicts – View
COYOTE – HSUS – Solutions for Conflicts – View
COYOTE – Living With Coyotes and Foxes – View
DEER – Living With Deer – View
DEER – Deer Dilemma – View
FOX – The Red & the Gray – View
FOX – Living With Coyotes and Foxes – View
MOLE – Solving Problems with Moles – View
OPOSSUM – Solving Problems with Opossums – View
RABBIT – Rabbits, General Information – View
RABBIT – Rabbits Eating Your Plants? – View
RABBIT – Solving Problems with Rabbits – View
RACCOON – Solving Raccoon Problems – View
RACCOON – Solving Problems with Raccoons – View
RACCOON – In the Dumpster? – View
RACCOON – In Your Home? – View
SQUIRREL – Living With Squirrels – View
SQUIRREL – Solving Problems with Squirrels – View
SKUNK – Solving Problems with Skunks – View
SKUNK – Solving Skunk Problems – View
SKUNK – Skunk Odor – View
SKUNK – Skunk Stuck? – View
WOODCHUCK – Solving Woodchuck Problems – View
WOODCHUCK – Woodchuck in Your Garden? – View


ALLIGATORS – Alligator Awareness in Tarrant and Wise Counties – View
ALLIGATORS – Alligator Facts – View
ALLIGATORS – Distribution of American Alligators in Texas – View
ALLIGATORS – Texas Parks and Wildlife Alligator Page – View
SNAKES – Solving Problems with Snakes – View

Wildlife Issues, General

INTRUDER – Link to Massachusetts SPCA Intruder Excluder – View
ORPHAN – Apparent Orphan? – View
ORPHAN – Is the Animal Really an Orphan? – View
PLANTS – Rabbits Eating Your Plants? – View
RETAIL GUIDE – Humane Society of the United States – View
TRAPPING – Alternate Solutions – View


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