Our Mission

The mission of the DFW Wildlife Coalition is to reduce the incidence of orphaned and euthanized native wildlife in the DFW metroplex through public outreach and education. We accomplish our mission by combining a solution driven hotline – operated 365 days a year from 7am-10pm – and a website with resources to address FAQs about local wildlife. Together they empower the public by providing humane solutions for co-existence between humans and nature in our urban environment. We have been answering wildlife concerns in our community since 2003. We currently operate with more than 50 volunteers who devotedly dedicate their time each week. We are passionate about helping you find the solutions you need for co-existing with wildlife in your own backyard and in our urban community.


DFW Wildlife Coalition strives to encourage an alliance between licensed wildlife rehabbers, wildlife centers, rescue organizations and government agencies to provide solutions for wildlife and our citizens. As of 2010, over 80% of our local population is urban. As the urbanization continues, our native wildlife adapts and find that life in the city provides abundant food, water and shelter. Many residents have little direct knowledge of native wildlife in their community. Studies have indicated that some local species-such as raccoons and opossums- are reported to be living in a greater concentration here than those in rural areas.  While this is a relief to those concerned with the impact of urbanization on local wildlife, we understand that people and wildlife coexisting can be a recipe for conflict. DFW Wildlife Coalition strives to share solutions for those conflicts by giving proper referrals when wildlife needs help, providing education about native animals and promoting coexistence in our neighborhoods. Our hotline volunteers will listen compassionately and assist in problem-solving the wildlife concern or emergency you are experiencing in your yard or community. Every call we receive is important to both the citizen and the wildlife involved! Our volunteers are making a difference one call, one person and one animal at a time.